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Migration and the Dislocation of Nigeria’s Social Fabric: The Governance Question

In recent years, the trend of irregular flow of persons across national borders has become a matter of grave concern within the global community. Given that the drivers of migration have continued to escalate, there are slim chances that this trend …

Migration and Governance in Africa: Lessons for Policymakers

It may be safe to say that there are no places or territories where human communities sprouted (like seeds) from the ground. As such, all human communities everywhere (essentially) are the net results of migrant behaviors (ancient or contemporary). …

Foresight Africa: Top Priorities for the Continent 2020 to 2030

In Chapter 1, our experts discuss how the next 10 years of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will shape policy priorities for African governments and their partners. Progress has been uneven both across countries and across goals, often hinde…

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