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Contraband Gold in the Great Lakes Region - In Region Cross Border Gold Flows Versus Out-Region Smuggling

The legal and illegal gold flows were examined in this study which takes place within the ICGLR Region and from the ICGLR Region to the United Arab Emirates, the principal import destination for ASM gold from the ICGLR Region. The study found that i…

The Intermediaries: Traders who Threaten the Democratic Republic of Congo's Efforts for Conflict-free Gold

This report examines the illicit gold trade in the DRC and some of the drivers preventing traceability and due diligence systems from being sustainable and scalable. The report focuses on logistical and financial mechanisms, as well as patterns of t…

A Golden Web: How India Became One of the World’s Largest Gold Smuggling Hubs

Goldsmiths across the country stand ready to buy gold from traders and turn it into bullion or jewellery. They ask few, if any, questions about the gold’s origins or whether it’s been legally imported into the country. When paperwork does accompany …

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