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AGC-PAC Field Report: Technical Intervention Assessment PAC ASM Gold Project (PPA)

"The Artisanal Gold Council (AGC) was contracted by PAC to help with their gold project in the DRC with the aim of helping create incentives for artisanal miners to produce gold responsibly and to sell it through a legal transparent supply chain ul…

Responsible Sourcing of Artisanal Gold in Eastern DRC: Pilot Status and Planning

"This report is the second in an on-going series detailing progress in our pilot project aimed at certifying and exporting conflict-free artisanal gold from the Eastern DRC. Key elements of this report detail the results of the site selection and re…

Tracking, Certifying, and Exporting Artisanal Gold from Eastern DRC

"This project aims to formalise and register artisanal gold producers in Orientale province, where the bulk of the DRC’s gold is produced. By linking artisanal producers with buyers in a closed pipe chain, the project will create a fully transparent…

All That Glitters is Not Gold: Dubai, Congo, and the Illicit Trade of Conflict Minerals

Gold is considered to be a 'conflict mineral'. In the DRC gold and diamond trade were tainted by conflict financing, tax evasion, corruption and smuggling. This resulted in the illegal trade of gold, huge financial losses for the DRC and violent con…

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