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La Complexité de la Remontée des Chaînes de valeur Mondiale: Cas des Industries Automobile et Aéronautique au Maroc et en Tunisie /The Complexity of the Rise of Global Value Chains: The Case of Automotive and Aeronautics Industries in Morocco and Tunisia

Global value chains offer new opportunities for structural transformation for developing countries. Today the vision of global value chains are limited to the analysis of global trade and FDI flows, globally it is not sufficient to answer the key qu…

Industrial Policy, Structural Change and Global Value Chains Participation: Case study of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt

Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt (such as many other developing countries) have always considered pro-active industrial policies as an important means to upgrading their manufacturing sector. In an era of premature deindustrialization, the manufacturing…

La Transformation Structurelle au Maroc et Chaînes de Valeurs Mondiales: Une Vulgarisation du Débat / Structural Transformation in Morocco and Global Value Chains: A Popularization of the Debate

The structural transformation of an economy remains a necessary crossing point for any nation wishing to climb the ladder of development. This transformation often depends on an economy's ability to set itself up as an agrarian subsistence society …

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