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Risks to Global Trade and Implications for South Africa’s Economy and Policy

"The past two decades have witnessed an unprecedented globalisation of trade in goods and services. This process has been driven, inter alia, by technology, ideology and the availability of relatively cheap energy. By extrapolating this trend, one…

The Global Economic and Financial Crisis: An Overview of the Effects on African Countries

"In the wake of the current global financial crisis, experts and analysts agreed that the initial effects on African financial sectors will be minimal because of the limited exposure to the international financial markets. However, African countries…

From a Bleak Global Outlook to Speculative Strategies: Understanding the Downturn in Metal Prices

Prices of nearly all industrial and precious metals have been on a downward trend for several months. A tightening US monetary policy and the subsequent dollar appreciation partly explain this trajectory, but it is above all the mounting global macr…

South-South and Triangular Cooperation - A Key to Development

"South-South Cooperation is a force to reckon currently in world economic development landscape. It’s paradoxical that Brazil, China and India used to be low income countries also depending on foreign aid, contrary they are now transformed and exten…

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