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The Global Food Crisis and the Challenge of Food Security

"The issue of food security has risen dramatically on the international agenda culminating in the Food Crisis Summit, June 2008. This policy brief proceeds from the premise that in addressing the rising price of food against the background of climat…

Urban Wage Behavior and Food Price Inflation: The Case of Ethiopia

"On the back of both a global food crisis and various domestic factors, Ethiopia has experienced one of the world’s fastest rates of food inflation in recent years. Yet the lack of high frequency survey data means that very little is known about the…

Rising Global Food Prices: Causes and Implications for Botswana

"This Special BIDPA Briefing is motivated by the recurrent global price hikes in basic foodstuffs. The situation, which is commonly known as the “global food crisis”, is a cause for concern, given that Botswana is a net food importing country. One o…

Staple Food Prices In Botswana

"This brief attempts to explain why consumer prices rose so dramatically in 2008, why they collapsed on the world market and why the consumers in Botswana have not seen significant benefits from that price decrease on world markets. This paper use…

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