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The Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on Exports in Least Developed Countries

"This study tries to shed some light on the actual and possible effects of the GFC on trade in LDCs, specifically focusing on the 32 states that make up the World Trade Organization’s LDC Group. The analysis is particularly important for sub-Saharan…

Global Economy in Crisis : A Rethinking of Received Economic Doctrine with some Evidence from Nigeria

"This paper examines the impact, policy responses and implication of the global financial crisis on Nigeria. It also reviews the received economic doctrine which has fundamentally contributed to the crisis and calls for a rethinking of the dominant …

Domestic Debt Management in Africa: The Case of Zambia

"This study has made a number of pertinent observations. Significant is that domestic debt in Zambia has, in the past five years, been increasing at a high rate in nominal terms but in GDP terms has been on the decline. This is against a background …

Preliminary Observations Of The Impact Of The Global Financial Crisis On The Ghanaian Economy

"The global financial crisis that emanated from the United States is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. This crisis started in late 2007 and intensified throughout 2008. From early 2008 onwards, the value of shares i…

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