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Climate Change and Gender in South Sudan

Climate change poses global risks. These risks adversely affect women in developing countries because of their little capacity to adapt. Previous studies show that women are more vulnerable to climate change than men for a variety of reasons, inclu…

Governance of Non-State Social Protection Initiatives: Implications of Addressing Gendered Vulnerability to Poverty in Uganda

"Non-state actors (NSAs) are offering social protection services in Uganda to address vulnerabilities associated with poverty. Information is limited on their adequacy and efficacy and how their governance mechanisms address gender concerns. This st…

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Swaziland: A Focus on the Private Sector and Non-Governmental Organisations

This report provides detailed findings of an investigation into workplace sexual harassment focusing on the private sector and non-government organisations (NGOs) in Swaziland. The analysis provides benchmark information on the nature and extent of …

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