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Conflict Trends Issue 2 2008

This issue features several articles under the following headings: The State, Ethnicity and Human Rights in Africa. A Gender Analysis of the Kenyan Crisis. Strategic Communication: The Heart of Post-Conflict Processes. Transnational Ethnic Groups an…

Some Reflections on the Crisis in Zaire (Recent initiatives in addressing gender violence in South Africa)

"This paper is divided into three sections. The first seeks to explore briefly the roots of the present conflict in Zaire. Next, an assessment is made of the possible future trajectory of the conflict. The third, and main thrust of the paper, aims t…

Recent Initiatives in Addressing Gender Violence in South Africa

"This paper will concentrate on the existing support systems for victims of gender violence and those envisaged by the Ministry of Safety and Security. The paper will examine training programmes for SAPS members that seek to change bias among polic…

Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS into South African Fisheries Policy

"This study set out to investigate the impact of HIV and Aids on selected fishing communities in South Africa. The goal of the research was to assist DEAT: MCM in mainstreaming HIV/Aids into fisheries policy through ethnographic and in-depth analysi…

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