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Justice and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Situations: An argument for including Gender Analysis in a new Post-Conflict Model

"After the 1991–2001 civil war, Sierra Leone employed a new model of transitional justice, concurrently utilising a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and a Special Court. Encouragingly, this process incorporated special gender considerations…

The Perceived Nature and Extent of Gender Discrimination in the Teaching Profession in Botswana

"This study is designed with three objectives. First, it provides micro-level data that would facilitate a more complete understanding of the nature and extent of gender inequalities and the processes producing them in the modern (formal) workplace…

Understanding Gender Barriers in Internet Access and Use

This presentation to the UN Office for South South cooperation workshop discussion on women in tech covers the digital inequality and constraints of internet access in Africa focusing specifically on gender barriers.

Entrepreneurs' Attitudes Toward Risk in Micro and Small Enterprises: Evidence from Urban Ethiopia

The attitudes toward risk of women and men entrepreneurs in micro- and small enterprises (MSEs) are analyzed, and the factors that influence attitude toward risk of MSE owners are investigated. The empirical analysis first uses the moment-based ap…

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