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The Effect of Livelihoods Programs on Care Giving Roles in Households affected by HIV and AIDS

Some of the recommendations in this report are as follows: there is a need to increase the focus on advocacy for governments to ensure that all communities access their rights and entitlements for HIV prevention and AIDS treatment and care services…

Econometric Analysis of Gender and Labour Market Outcomes in Urban Cameroon

In every country, gender disparities are observed in various aspects of daily life, the most visible ones being those related to labour market outcomes. This paper highlights the importance of the labour market related gender disparities in Cameroon…

Integrating Gender Roles, Social Equity and Post Harvest Management Policies to Improve Rural Household's Food Security

This policy brief describes the current status of policies and programs in Benin and Mozambique, with the aim of identifying potential gender and social sensitive post-harvest initiatives, thereby supporting their transition to a more sustainable an…

Gender Barriers Faced by African Women in Graduate Programmes and Research in the Social Sciences

"This scoping study begins with a brief description of the state of universities in Africa, highlighting some current problems and challenges. Section II undertakes a review of literature about the role and status of female students and faculty memb…

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