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Corruption in South Africa Results of an Expert Panel Survey

"Largely following the design of the questionnaire, the report is broken down into several focus areas: conceptual and practical understandings of corruption; the extent, location and seriousness of corruption; conditions for and causes of corrupti…

The Unconstitutionality Of The Serious Fraud Office Bill

"In almost all countries, the world over, it has been the experience of the various inhabitants that, for most of their problems, a trial and error approach with appropriate correction has been the significant hallmark that stamps them all as progre…

Ghost Names, Shadow Workers, And The Public Sector Wage Bill

"The revelations that ghost names exist on the Judicial Service payroll and that attempts are under way to get rid of them, is disturbing yet welcome news. Earlier in the year 2001, representatives of some donor agencies and countries called on the …

“The Anti-Corruption Mandates of the Commission on Human Right and Administrative Justice and the Serious Fraud Office: A Duplication of Functions?”

"In recognition of corruption as a major obstacle to development, Ghana has over the past 18 years of the current constitutional dispensation initiated some useful institutional reforms and created a number of new constitutional and statutory watchd…

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