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Afsol Journal: Journal of African-Centered Solutions in Peace and Security Vol 3 (II)

The first article is titled “The Great Lakes Region (GLR) Security Complex: Lessons for the African Solutions for Peace and Security (AfSol) Approach”. This paper applies the Regional Security Complex Theory to establish a pattern of security interd…

The Sudan at a Crossroads: Multi-layered Fragility

Almost three years since the ousting of former president Omar al-Bashir, and the formation of a transitional government composed of civilians and members of the military, the situation in Sudan is far from stable. Indeed, although progress has been …

Taxation and Customs Reform in Fragile States: Between Bargaining and Enforcement

This paper explores why taxation reforms are so different in fragile states, the conditions in which they occur, and what can be done to make these reforms more successful – including contributing, whenever possible, to state-building. Based on exte…

The Impact of Conflict on State Capacity in Nigeria

Nigeria has witnessed incessant incidents of conflict-related violence in recent years. This paper seeks to investigate how conflicts affect state capacity in term of growth in GDP per capita and tax per GDP ratio, and to examine the potential spill…

Private Sector Development in Fragile States: A Peacebuilding Approach

Private sector development (PSD) in fragile and conflict-a fected states often replicates past dynamics that led to social divides, conflict and violence. It undermines peacebuilding, state building and human development goals. The United Nations…

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