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From Subsistence to Disruptive Innovation: Africa, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the Future of Jobs

Improving employment opportunities in Africa is already a major development policy issue, and given the number of young Africans expected to enter the job market over the next two decades, it will undoubtedly remain a concern. Academic research and …

Effective Engagement with Africa: Capitalizing on Shifts in Business, Technology, and Global Partnerships

Africa, enabled by rapid technological change and demographic shifts, is primed for a major socioeconomic and structural revolution. This report analyzes the major trends driving this change, along with the opportunities and challenges stemming from…

The Digital Revolution, Open Science and Innovation for Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

The last two decades have experienced an explosive global growth of powerful digital technologies for communication, data acquisition, computation, artificial intelligence and unrestrained information broadcasting. Together they constitute a “digita…

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