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The African Technopolitan Vol 5 January 2016

This issue of the African Technopolitan has as its main article " The poverty of development strategy in Africa". This article argues that Africa’s economic and techno-scientific progress is being lionized prematurely, to the detriment of its long t…

Renewable Energy in the Minerals Sector: Assessing Opportunities for Africa

Renewable energy (RE) is becoming an increasingly visible component of the global energy supply mix. As a large consumer of power globally, the mining industry has historically relied on grid power or diesel generators for remote sites. While there …

Can Africa's Contested Energy Futures Create Opportunities for Enhancing EU-African-European Relations?

The challenge of defining African energy futures gains complexity as local politics interact with geopolitical powers and global climate change concerns. The AU-EU strategy focuses on ‘innovation for green transitions’, while European companies cont…

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