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China's African Infrastructure Projects: A Tool in Reshaping Global Norms

"The resilience of China’s investments in African infrastructure has been called into question in the light of its own economic slowdown. The substantial reduction in Chinese demand for African commodities has resulted in a significant drop in commo…

The Forum on China – Africa Cooperation A Strategic Opportunity

"FOCAC reflects the form and content of Sino-African relations while mapping a future in which both sides can achieve common prosperity. The objective of this monograph is to provide a full outline of the FOCAC process, from inception to date, focu…

Mapping the Future of Africa-China Relations: Insights from West Africa

The year 2020 marked two decades since the start of the Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). The past 20 years have seen China reshaping Africa’s development landscape while raising questions about the nature of African agency in relation to C…

Mapping the Future of China-Africa Relations: How the Continent can Benefit

China is Africa’s largest trading partner, and deeper China–Africa engagement has the potential to transform the continent’s trade. The establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is set to add significantly to this evolution, …

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