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Determinants of Employment in the Formal and Informal Sectors of the Urban Areas of Kenya

"By applying a multinomial logit model and economic theory to labour force survey data, this study examines the determinants of formal and informal sector employment in the urban areas of Kenya. The findings show that the determinants of employment …

Wage Subsidies can Encourage Women's Formal Employment in Zambia

Despite the challenges of running budget deficits and the negative effects that a wage subsidy may have on government revenues, a wage subsidy can result in positive effects in the economy if it is carefully implemented and introduced directly in th…

Can a Wage Subsidy be Used to Improve Women's Formal Employment in Zambia?

The number of women employed in the Zambian formal sector is small, which has likely played a role in the low level of women’s empowerment in the country. As a result, the government of Zambia is willing to adopt policies that can positively contrib…

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