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Forest Governance in the Democratic Republic of Congo

"Following a review of old logging titles, the forestry sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) still faces many governance challenges. Communities lack knowledge of forest law and policies due to poor access to legal regulations and guide…

Community Forests in Namibia: Sustainable Local-Level Forest Management

"Community forests in Namibia are central to promoting sustainable and participatory forest governance and enhancing livelihoods in communal land areas. Significant support from the government and the donor community has helped to establish communit…

Natural Resource Governance in Africa No.5 Forests and Biodiversity in Africa

This infographic is the no.5 issue in the series called Natural Resource Governance. The data presented is on African forests and biodiversity. The statistical data presented depicts land areas covered with forest, visual material on the Congo rain…

Towards a Green Economy: Exploring the potential of forestry in Tanzania through the Green Growth Platform

"Green Growth is vital for sustainable development due to its consideration for social and environmental components that compliment, rather than work against the economic elements. Foresty and related activities are an ideal sector where the elimi…

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