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The Adaptation Fund, Clean Development Mechanism and Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Fund: Some National and Sub National Experiences

"The study provides an approach that is grounded in the realities and experiences in funding arrangements across developing countries in the three regions studied. The issues raised here reflect on some of the findings of that report. This bri…

Natural Resource Governance in Africa No.5 Forests and Biodiversity in Africa

This infographic is the no.5 issue in the series called Natural Resource Governance. The data presented is on African forests and biodiversity. The statistical data presented depicts land areas covered with forest, visual material on the Congo rain…

Enhancing the Role of Courts in Promoting Forest Justice: Lessons from the Matiri Court Cases

Despite concerted efforts by government and non-government actors, Uganda continues to suffer from unprecedented rates of deforestation and forest degradation. Current statistics indicate that in the last 25 years, Uganda lost more than half of its …

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