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Children's Diets, Nutrition Knowledge, and Access to Markets

"Chronic undernutrition in Ethiopia is widespread and many children consume highly monotonous diets. To improve feeding practices in Ethiopia, a strong focus in nutrition programming has been placed on improving the nutrition knowledge of caregivers…

The Effects of COVID-19 Containment Measures on Local Food Marketing in Delta State, Nigeria

Aside from the health/mortality effects of the pandemic in Nigeria, the seemingly clearer effect is the impact of the social distancing and lockdown measures on the economy. How people make a living and access markets is impacted by covid-19 across …

The Impact of COVID-19 on Local Food Production and Informal Food Markets in Nigeria with Niger Delta Region as Case Study

The covid-19 pandemic has had devastating effects in many countries across the World, affecting every aspect of humanity. Most countries in sub-Saharan Africa met the crises in a weak position. Aside from the heath/mortality effects of the pandemic …

Sub-Saharan Africa's Agriculture and COVID-19: How the Pandemic will (re)Shape Food Markets

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the global food system under sustained pressure and has triggered various policy responses to manage both supply and demand. While the policy responses of key global food producers have been publicised and their implica…

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