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Rwandan Agriculture Sector Situational Analysis

"The main objective of this review is to provide reliable situation analysis of Rwandan Agricultural sector and to recommend interventional strategies that would enable the government and her development partners to come up with sustainable interven…

Agricultural Productivity, Climate Change and Smallholder Farmer’s Entrepreneurship:A Case Study of the Central and Western Regions of Liberia

"The principal objective of the study is to assess the extent to which agricultural productivity and climate change impact affect smallholder farmers’ entrepreneurship in Western and Central Regions of Liberia. The specific objectives are: to determ…

Projected Farm Income Gains in the COMESA/ASARECA Region from Commercialization of BT Maize

"How much income might farmers gain if Bt maize were released for commercial planting in the COMESA/ASARECA region? Bt maize gives farmers a more effective and less costly way to control damage from certain categories of insects, including the stalk…

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