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Food Aid, Agriculture and the African Farmer : A Curator's Egg

This paper was intended to contribute to the debate about aid and development in Africa by focusing specifically on food aid and its various impacts on African agriculture and, by extension, on African farmers. Our explorations have led us down the …

Food Aid, Agriculture and the African Farmer: A Curate’s Egg?

"This occasional paper discusses the controversial issue of food aid which in the view of the World Bank and the World Food Programme is "an important and undervalued resource for development in Africa". The discussion, interestingly, includes the e…

Conflict Trends Issue 2

The first article on page 3 is titled: 'ECOWAS’s Efforts at Resolving Guinea-Bissau’s Protracted Political Crisis, 2015–2019' written by Brown Odigie. This article examines the lingering political crisis that erupted in August 2015 within the leader…

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