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Chasing an Elusive Agreement: What Smaller Countries (i.e. G77+China) Need to do to Influence Climate Change Negotiations?

"As the world is converging at Warsaw, Poland, for the 19th session of climate change negotiations, questions still exist as to whether these negotiations will ever yield tangible benefits for smaller states and developing economies. Past sessions o…

Coordinating to Halt the Damage of Floods in the Lower Incomati Basin

A productive, but flood-prone, Mozambican river basin presents a challenge for its diverse private and public stakeholders. Working in coordination with a shared set of tools has brought them together to consider a less vulnerable future for all. Ly…

South Sudan's Devastating Floods: Why they Happen and Why they Need a Coherent National Policy

This year’s flood is one of the worst in South Sudan’s history. It has affected about one million people from 142,783 households in 8 of the former 10 states, compared to only 344,618 people in 2013. People lost homes, livelihoods, and shelter and g…

Flood Risk Mitigation in Niger Delta Region: Strategies for Protecting Buildings and Properties

Flood-proofing does not guarantee that Mother Nature would not prevail in the event of a flood. However, a well-though-out flood mitigation plan in combination with property-flood insurance will significantly reduce the risk of flood damage for prop…

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