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Strategy for Fisheries Socio-economic Research

"This document sets broad strategic directions for a period of five years and provides a framework on which fisheries socio-economic research priorities can be determined on a more frequent basis. This document is divided into six chapters: Chapter …

Système Marocain de Production Halieutique et sa dépendance du Reste du Monde/ Moroccan Fishing Production System and its dependence on the rest of the World

This article presents, in addition to a holistic analysis of the national production sector, the results of a research study on the impact of a possible change in world prices of inputs (especially oil) and fishery products on economic and biologica…

Harnassing Floating Cage Technology to Increase Fish Production in Uganda

The fishery sub-sector is the second largest foreign exchange earner in Uganda’s economy (estimated at US$ 135 million) after coffee. However, declining trends in annual fish production are a real threat in terms of the loss of potential foreign exc…

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