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Achieving an Inclusive Blue Economy for Small-Scale Fishers: Recommendations to the South African Parliament

"Small-scale fisheries in South Africa play a crucial role in supporting livelihoods and contributing to food security in the country’s coastal provinces. Policy changes in recent years have sought to establish a more inclusive and equitable gove…

Development, Sustainability and Social Justice: The Elusive Balancing Act of African Fisheries Governance

"The discourse on African fisheries governance is dominated by themes of unrealised potential and crisis. Undoubtedly, the threats are significant: illegal fishing and overfishing by foreign industrial vessels, as well as intense fishing pressure in…

'What is the Value of the Constitution?' Value Chains, Livelihoods and Food Security in SA's Large and Small Scale Fisheries

"This paper seeks to assess the state of knowledge in relation to the interrelated subjects of value chains, livelihoods, food systems, and regulatory dynamics in South Africa’s large-­ and small-­scale fisheries. South Africa’s marine fisheries pl…

Small-scale Fisheries in a Modernising Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in Mozambique

"Mozambique is in a period of rapid transition. Since the end of civil war in 1992 sound governance, infrastructure investments and support from the donor community have helped to boost commerce and tourism. However, it is the recent discovery of si…

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