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Fiscal Operations, Money Supply and Inflation in Tanzania

"Inflation in Tanzania has exacerbated the economic crisis. Government and policy makers have recognized the seriousness of the phenomenon in the economy. Though they have designed policies to curb it, amazingly, inflation is still uncontrollable.…

Fiscal Operations in a Depressed Economy: Nigeria, 1960—90

"This study analyses fiscal federalism in Nigeria. Specifically, the report presents an historical account of fiscal federalism in the economy, highlighting significant episodes as well as drawing out implications for overall fiscal performance. Fu…

Local Government Fiscal Operations in Nigeria

"The paper describes and analyses fiscal operations at the local level in order to improve understanding of fiscal federalism in Nigeria. The paper also tries to ascertain whether fiscal imbalances observed at both federal and state arms of governme…

The Uganda Economy Today: Quarter 1: July to September 2019

The “Ugandan Economy Today” is a quarterly review of the economic performance of Uganda. The publication presents a trend analysis of selected key indicators in the agricultural, industrial, transport and communication sectors of the economy. It a…

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