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Effects of Inflation on Ivorian Fiscal Variables: An Econometric Investigation

"The purpose of this paper has been to develop, estimate and simulate a macro-econometric model for Cote d'Ivoire. The parameter estimates have been used to analyse the effects of alternative GDP policy measures on the country's economy.The key poli…

International Debt Management in Africa

"This paper discusses various aspects of the problems African governments face in financing their generally large budgetary deficits. Its primary objective is to focus on the main methods of financing which are realistically available given the gene…

Policy Consistency and Inflation in Ghana

"This paper examines why the rates of inflation in Ghana have usually stayed above target levels. A trivial answer is that the targets were too optimistic and outside the achievable ranges. The paper assumes that the targets were reasonable and ex…

Determination Of Real Exchange Rate Misalignment For Ghana

"The paper determines real exchange rate misalignment for Ghana for the period 1980 - 2010. It finds that the equilibrium real exchange rate is influenced to a significant extent by "fundamental" or "real" factors - represented in the study by produ…

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