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The Nigerian Banking System in the Context of Policies of Financial Regulation and Deregulation

"This study aims at using simple descriptive indices to assess the impact of policies of financial regulation and deregulation on the financial system over time,and in particular on savings mobilization. In the second section of this paper we discus…

Competition and Performance in Uganda's Banking System

"This paper focuses on sharpening the debate on the financial sector by analysing the competitive behaviour and the structure–performance correlation. In line with the literature on the measurement of competition, it follows the two mainstreams —n…

Assessing the Systemic Importance of Banks in Rwanda using Portfolio Similarity and Clustering Methods

This paper assesses the similarity among Rwandan banks, especially looking at how the assets side and lending portfolios have been evolving, and their implications on systemic risks in the Rwandan banking system. The aim was to gauge a systemic risk…

Risk-Weighted Capital Regulations and Bank Risk-Taking Behaviour: Evidence from Kenya

This paper analysed the effect of risk-weighted capital regulation policies on bank risk-taking behaviour in Kenya. The dynamic system Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) model was invoked to estimate plausible models, using a balanced panel data of…

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