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An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Government Policies and Programmes on Economic Growth and Development

The purpose of the paper is to review the main economic goals of the current government, examine the implementation of policies and programmes and broadly assess their effectiveness. The economic strategies and goals of the government can be gleaned…

Nigeria Economic Update Weekly Digest Issue 11

The first article on page 2 is titled: Decline in External Reserves. Between January and February, Nigeria’s external reserves declined from US$37.2 billion to $35.5 billion, its lowest in over 2 years. Although the reserve level remains above the $…

Assessing Transition to Stability, Fiscal Sustainability and Provision of Peace Dividend in South Sudan

The study argues that classic definition of a fragile state fits the situation in South Sudan because this country has been unable, since independence, to provide public and social services in sufficient quality, scope and reach. This has made it di…

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