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Councillors and Community Leaders - Partnerships or Conflict of Interest? Lessons from the Sustainable Mwanza Project

"One central objective of the Local Government Reform Programme (LGRP)is fostering of private public partnership in delivery of essential services at community level. As we shall discuss in this research brief, this entails not only having access to…

Note d'Analyse du Budget 2017 de l'état Togolais / Analysis of the 2017 Budget of the Togolese State

The Togolese economy recorded a real growth rate of 5% with an inflation rate of 1.19% in 2016. In 2015 outstanding debt,was estimated at 75.4% of GDP. The investment rate was 22.8% in 2016, its lowest rate since 2013, while the tax pressure was …

Increasing Illicit Financial Flows in the Context of Declining Official Development Assistance

"In total it is estimated that Africa has lost an estimated US$528.9 billion between 2003 and 2012. This amount is one and half times more than the official development assistance of US$348.2 billion that the continent has received during the same p…

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