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An Empirical Analysis of Interest Rate Spread in Kenya

"The study aimed to explain the factors determining interest rate spread for Kenya’s banking sector. For the pre-liberalization period, the minimum and maximum ceilings on deposit and lending rates set a maximum interest rate spread. Variations in…

Is the African Union’s Aspiration Towards Financial Autonomy Achievable?

The African Union (AU) is witnessing a potentially transformative era, through its decision on financial autonomy and broader reform agenda. Even though the discourse on financing of the Union is hardly new, this policy brief explains why the July…

Financial Liberalization and Capital Flight: Evidence from the African Continent

"During the past decades, many countries experienced considerable capital flight. Residents moved their wealth abroad, using different ways to accumulate foreign assets. Since the 1990s, several of these countries reformed their domestic financial m…

The 'Kagame Reforms' of the AU: Will they Stick?

At the 27th Ordinary Session of the AU Assembly of Heads of State in 2016, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame was entrusted with leading the institutional reform process of the AU. The decision to reform the organisation was a response to the seemingly …

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