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Implementing Financial Disclosure in Local Government Content, Scope and Standardisation

"This policy brief addresses the scope, content and standardisation of financial disclosure records. Its objective is to provide guidelines to ensure that councillors are able to comply with requirements by providing full and accurate informati…

Implementing Financial Disclosure in Local Government Public Access to Information

"This policy brief is the second in a four-part series designed to assist municipal staff and elected councillors in South Africa manage and detect conflicts of interests in public life. The purpose of the series is to support effective implementat…

Financial Disclosure Requirements in South Africa 2004–2008 Holding Elected Politicians Accountable

"This paper starts with a brief conceptual discussion of conflicts of interest and offers practical and concrete examples of conflicts of interest that have arisen in South African public life. It then provides a brief description of South Africa’s …

The Effectiveness of Financial Disclosure Regulations as an Anti-Corruption Tool in Local Government

"This paper examines the financial disclosure regulatory framework for municipal councillors in South Africa. Drawing strongly on empirical data, it provides a detailed critique of this framework’s practical implementation, including the scope and c…

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