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Mapping the Policy Process in Nigeria: Examining Linkages between Research and Policy

"How research can feed into the policy process in developing countries in general, and in Nigeria more specifically, is not very well understood. Yet, this understanding is a critical part of doing effective policy research. This has become especial…

The Critical Importance of Land and Water

If the concern is solely to increase fertilizer use by Sub-Saharan Africa’s smallholders, price subsidy for inorganic fertilizer can be effective. The strengths and weaknesses of relying primarily on price subsidies to promote fertilizer use have b…

Towards a Fertilizer Policy for Smallholder Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Critical Importance of Taking a Holistic Approach

Subsidizing fertilizer prices has been a popular policy tool to increase fertilizer use, but should it be? The main message of this Policy Brief is that it should not be, despite its appeal to politicians and recipient farmers alike. Instead, policy…

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