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Making Fertiliser Subsidies Work in Malawi

"These notes highlight the role of fertiliser subsidies in Malawi, the world’s fifth poorest country. Malawi has suffered recurrent poor harvests, with disastrous consequences for food security since the early 1990s. Yields have improved significant…

Nutrition Insecurity: Farm Input Subsidy and Integrated Soil Fertility Technologies Solution Divide in Malawi

This research attempts to shed light on why nutrition insecurity still affects many smallholder farmers, despite the investments made by the Malawian government. In particular, the research highlights the significance of food production input system…

Implications of the Fertilizer-Subsidy Programme on Income Growth, Productivity and Employment in Ghana

We examined the economy-wide impact of a fertilizer-subsidy programme in Ghana with a focus on agricultural-sector productivity, overall economic growth, employment, and welfare. We adopted a modified version of the standard PEP-1-t model. Our resul…

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