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"As a Husband I Will Love, Lead, and Provide" Gendered Access to Land in Ghana

"Improving women’s access to land is high on the agricultural policy agenda of both governmental and non-governmental agencies. Yet, the determinants and rationale of gendered access to land are not well understood. This paper argues that gender rel…

Does Gender Matter in Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Technologies? A Case of Push-Pull Technology in Kenya

Agriculture plays a central economic role in most sub-Saharan African countries, generating an average of 33% of GDP and employing, on average, 65% of the labor force. Most of the agricultural labor force in the region is supplied by women, who ar…

Investir Stratégiquement pour Protéger les Femmes des Effets Climatiques au Burkina Faso / Investing Strategically to Protect Women from Climate Impacts in Burkina Faso

Climate change shocks are detrimental to the economic activities of both men and women in Burkina Faso, but the impact on poverty incidence and value added is greater among women than men. Among the policy options identified to counteract the advers…

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