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A Delicate Balance: Land Use, Minority Rights and Social Stability in the Horn of Africa

"The authors of the various chapters examine whether investments amount to an additional threat to the lives and livelihoods of pastoralists (the others being climate change, land degradation, conflict, invasive species and others) or if investments…

Farmers Moving Towards Resilience Suid Bokkeveld Case Study on Climate Change Adaptation, South Africa

This case study describes some aspects of development processes underway in the Suid Bokkeveld in recent years, and focuses on the adaptive aspects. The Suid Bokkeveld was a pilot site for this project, and the on-going adaptation processes withi…

Reframing the New Alliance Agenda: A Critical Assessment Based on Insights from Tanzania

"A dedicated investment in smallholder farmers to enable them to improve their land use and productivity is critical to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth in African countries. The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition focuses on publi…

Food Aid, Agriculture and the African Farmer: A Curate’s Egg?

"This occasional paper discusses the controversial issue of food aid which in the view of the World Bank and the World Food Programme is "an important and undervalued resource for development in Africa". The discussion, interestingly, includes the e…

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