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Changing Paradigm in Somalia

"Over the last eight years,the international community, whether intentionally or not,has addressed the Somali crisis principally through a counter-terrorist approach. For a number of reasons alluded to in this text, such an attempt to provide a set…

Kidnapping Remains a Big Deal in the Sahel

Following months of negotiations, Sahel extremist group JNIM has released three foreign hostages and one Malian political leader. The Mali government led these talks, while France and Italy played minor or negligible roles. JNIM received at least €1…

Sulh-Alheri Ne: Replacing Evil with Something Better: Promoting Alternative Peacebuilding Narratives

The Sulhu Radio Program forms part of the Centre for Democracy and Development's (CDD) efforts to promote initiatives that resolve unaddressed grievances, support forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, and reintegration at the community level across …

Preventing Violent Extremism in Senegal: Threats Linked to Gold Mining

As security incidents occur sporadically on both sides of the Senegal-Mali border, there is growing concern that the threat from violent extremist groups may be expanding to gold-rich south-eastern Senegal, which borders Mali. This report analyses t…

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