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Province de Cabo Delgado au Mozambique: Points Communs et Différences avec les Autres Terres du "Djihadisme Autoproclamé" en Afrique / Mozambique's Cabo Delgado Province: Commonalities and Discrepancies with Other African Lands of "Self-proclaimed Jihad"

This paper sets out to explore the specifics of Northern Mozambique, where a self-proclaimed Islamist movement has been active over the past three years. The movement's activity brought the roll-out of one of Africa's premier projects in recent econ…

Prévention de L’extrémisme Violent/Lutte Contre la Covid-19 en Afrique: Agendas Contradictoires ou Croisés? / Preventing Violent Extremism/Countering Covid-19 in Africa: Conflicting or Crossing Agendas?

First of all, it should be recalled that in recent years Africa has once again become the scene of unprecedented acts of violence of endogenous and exogenous origin. Given its seriousness and consequences, the issue of violent extremism has become c…

Séminaire Régional pour la Prévention de l’Extrémisme Violent en Afrique Centrale et dans le Bassin du Lac Tchad / Regional Seminar for the Prevention of Violent Extremism in Central Africa and the Lake Chad Basin

This seminar, presented as a continuation of the efforts undertaken during the Dakar and N'Djamena Regional Conversations, made it possible to establish a real consensus on the importance of the approach to the prevention of violent extremism. Overa…

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