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Challenges and Future prospects of the Mining Sector in Zimbabwe

"The report evaluate some of the governance challenges in the mining sector seen in 2013 with a view of impressing on policy makers to adapt policies that encourage economic growth of the sector at the same time upholding principles of human rights …

Illicit Financial Flows in Zimbabwe's Artisanal Mining Sector

Zimbabwe is severely affected by the problem of illicit financial flows (IFF) in the extractives industry. The artisanal mining sector is one of the worst affected sectors. Artisanal mining is a mostly povertydriven, rural activity which has debili…

Renewable Energy in the Minerals Sector: Assessing Opportunities for Africa

Renewable energy (RE) is becoming an increasingly visible component of the global energy supply mix. As a large consumer of power globally, the mining industry has historically relied on grid power or diesel generators for remote sites. While there …

Unpacking the Linkage Between Debt, Extractives Sector, Inequality and Illicit Financial Flows: A Case Study from Zimbabwe

Public debt, extractives sector, inequality and illicit financial flows have become very topical when discussing issues of human and economic development in resource rich countries such as Zimbabwe. The linkage and the relations of these four themes…

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