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China – Africa Relations: A Case Study of Ghana

"There is a huge research gap in understanding the channels through which the trade, investment and aid relations between these Asian countries and Africa affect these sub-sectors and also their resultant impact on economic growth and poverty reduc…

The Business of Exporting: Transaction Costs Facing Suppliers in Sub-Saharan Africa

"The purpose of this paper is to give a broad overview of the difficulties SSA’s high transaction costs present to African exporters. The paper discusses transaction costs and market related problems facing African exporters at all the levels of ex…

Does South Africa Need Its Own Export-Import Bank?

As a result of globalisation and the concomitant increase in trade, countries need to find financing solutions that will ensure that their participation in the global trade arena serves their national growth agendas. Globally, export credit agencies…

Zambia's Employment Challenge

"Employment is the red thread throughout this issue in particular the ZIPAR Flagship project on “More and Better Jobs”. The issue highlights Zambia’s jobs’ challenge, how ZIPAR will help the Government respond to the scale of the challenge by drawin…

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