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Releasing Export Constraints: The Role of Governments

"This paper discusses the economic rationale for government interventions to support export development and, in the light of this rationale,examines the interventions needed to address the key factors responsible for restraining export supply respon…

Constraints to the Development and Diversification of Non Traditional Exports in Uganda, 1981-90

"The foreign exchange cash-flow of Uganda has reached a crisis. Expenditure requiring foreign exchange is on the increase as the economy grows, while foreign exchange receipts have dwindled over the past four years from about US$400 million to a cas…

2015/16 National Budget Analysis

"The briefing identifies key areas for further improvement towards a more result oriented growth path, given the current budget propositions. The briefing recommends that to enhance delivery on outcomes for budget support, more effort and rigour sho…

Morocco’s Excessive Geographic Export Concentration

In this brief, we review the evidence on Morocco’s export concentration, discuss its causes, and then draw some policy implications. The main message is that Morocco needs to raise its game in some less familiar markets and move outside its comfort …

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