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The Distributional Impacts of Fiscal Consolidation in Uganda

While Uganda is considered to be at low risk of debt distress, the stagnant tax effort and large planned capital expenditures might significantly alter this position. This paper employs the dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model to exam…

Maximising South Africa's Demographic Dividend

"Based on 2005 estimates of National Transfer Accounts for South Africa, this paper investigates the resource flows across ages within the generational economy. The paper provides estimates of the lifecycle deficit and describes the financing of the…

Public Spending in Agriculture in Kenya: Is it Beneficial to Small Scale Women Farmers?

The agricultural sector in Kenya is the cornerstone of the economy and directly contributes 26% of the GDP and 27% indirectly. It also accounts for 60% of total employment. This report reviews the distribution of public spending in the agricultural …

Diet Transformation in Africa: The Case of Ethiopia

"Africa's food systems are changing fast amid rapid economic growth, emerging urbanization, and structural transformation. In this study, we use four rounds of nationally representative data from Ethiopia to examine changes in household food consump…

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