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Choix du Régime de Change, chocs Exogènes et Stabilité Financière dans l’Union économique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA) / Exchange Rate Regime Choice, Exogenous Shocks and Financial Stability   in the West African Economic and Monetary Union

It is always a debate at the international level about the choice of exchange rate regimes. In general, the exchange rate instability is unfavourable for the economies such as the members of WAEMU who are specializing in the production of primar...

Why has the Exchange Rate Policy Failed in Nigeria?

This policy brief examines the primary cause of the exchange rate policy failure in Nigeria by evaluating the motivating factor for exchange rate regime changes in the country and reviewing the role of politics and interest groups in the Nigerian ...

Current Account Adjustments and Exchange Rate Arrangements: What Regime for African Countries?

This paper empirically examines the impact of exchange rate arrangements on current account imbalances within the African context. Following Friedman’s hypothesis (Friedman, 1953), we test the propositions stating that flexible exchange rate regim...

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