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The Impact of Government Policy on Macroeconomic Variables: A Case Study of Private Investment in Tanzania

"The major hypothesis of the paper is that private sector investment is necessary if economic growth is to be accelerated. However, in order to stimulate such investments appropriate monetory, fiscal and exchange rate policies have to be formulated…

The Effects of Exchange Rate Policy on Cameroon's Agricultural Competitiveness

"The paper analyses the effects of trade and exchange rate policies on Cameroon's agriculture. Theoretical models and formulas are developed for empirical analysis. The calculated relative prices and indexes estimates of the degree of over-valuati…

Exchange Rate Policy and Price Determination in Botswana

"The dominant influence of South African goods on the Botswana CPI basket leads to the expectation that South African prices have a significant role in determining prices in Botswana. This paper examines Botswana's price and inflation relationship…

Import Demand in Ghana:Structure Behaviour and Stability

"This study analyses the structure of, and model demand for imports into Ghana using time series data from 1967 to 2004. Also, it assesses the long-run and short-run elasticities of aggregate imports and their components, and determines whether the …

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