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‘Volk’, Faith and Fatherland: The Security threat posed by the white right

"The bulk of the monograph focuses on the Afrikaner right, and in sections of the monograph ‘white right’ and ‘Afrikaner right’ are used interchangeably. Adam and Moodley point out that the extreme white right is but a small component of the broad w…

What is Driving Ethiopia’s Ethnic Conflicts?

The rise in violent ethnic conflict in Ethiopia in recent years can largely be linked to the sharp increase in militant ethnic nationalism against a backdrop of state and party fragility. Decades of exclusivist political arrangements have contribut…

Keeping Ethiopia’s Transition on the Rails

Ethiopia has long been an anchor state in the restive Horn of Africa. Its threeyear uprising arguably served as a model for later protests in the neighbourhood. Many are watching its delicate transition to a potentially more open era with considerab…

Constitutional Design Options for Ethiopia: Managing Ethnic Divisions

Ethiopia’s political landscape has long been fraught with contending nationalisms with diverse, and at times contradictory, visions for managing ethnic division. While some political forces have advocated policies that could facilitate strongly conv…

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