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Rio to Jo'burg and Beyond The world summit on sustainable development

"This report focuses on the history of sustainable development, international attempts to create and focus attention on this important issue, and prospects for the post-Johannesburg era. It is divided into three sections: First, the historical backg…

Confronting a Life-threatening Pollution: A Guide for Credible Environmental and Social Audit of Petroleum Companies' Operations in South Sudan

This policy brief discusses how the recently proposed environmental and social audit of the petroleum companies’ operations by the Ministry of Petroleum can be conducted to generate scientific evidence that can assist in finding a permanent solutio…

Sitting on a Time Bomb: Oil Pollution Impacts on Human Health in Melut County, South Sudan

While South Sudan is endowed with 3.5 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, the exploitation of this natural wealth is turning into a catastrophe for some local communities, particularly in Melut County. Through focus group discussions, individual…

China-driven Hydropower: Lessons from Ghana and Cambodia

Chinese funders and contractors have attracted much criticism for the environmental and social impact of their infrastructure projects in the Global South. However, the process of setting environmental, socioeconomic and governance standards in the …

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