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Ecohealth Research in Practice: Innovative Applications of an Ecosystem Approach to Health

"This book is about doing innovative research to achieve sustainable and equitable change in people’s health and well-being through improved interactions with the environment. It presents experiences from the field of ecosystem approaches to heal…

Making Sense of South Sudan's New Petroleum HSE Management System and Plan Regulations

Environmental conditions in South Sudan’s petroleum producing areas have continued to deteriorate. This is demonstrated by recent reports of oil leaks and spills, inappropriate handling of produced water and mud pits, birth defects, people and anima…

Remediating South Sudan's War-Induced Petroleum Environmental Damage: Environmental Baseline Conditions and Current Impacts

This paper reviews the existing literature to determine the adequacy of evidence and extent of the environmental impacts in the oil producing areas in South Sudan. The following is revealed: Evidence from previous studies shows that there is a serio…

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