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Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Hwange Coal Mining Activities

Coal mining negatively affects the livelihoods of many in communities, destroys animal habitats, and pollutes the environment whilst at the same time its burning significantly contributes to climate change. Many communities in developed countries...

Eko Atlantic The Dream of a New Model City Struggling with Transparency, Good Governance and Negative Environmental Impacts

Lagos is one of the world's fastest growing cities, which offers hope for survival, income generation, employment and personal success not only to Nigerians from all over the country, but also to Africans from the West African region. It has been ...

The African Technopolitan Vol 3 July 2015

This issue of the African Technopolitan addresses issues on economic and sustainable development in "Africa's last best chance for development"; "Getting Africa ready for the 'digital' SDGs";and "'Smart city' approaches to sustainable development"...

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