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Deepening Democracy and Enhancing Sustainable Livelihoods in Uganda: An Independent Review of the Performance of Special Interest Groups in Parliament

"In 2006 Uganda was going through a political transition process. To most political commentators, yet another milestone in the democratic development of a country whose 44 years of post-independence period have been marred by political anarchy and …

Global Warming and the Environment - A Challenge for Lawyers in Africa

This presentation was made at the African Regional Forum Session of the International Bar Association Annual Conference in Nigeria. Firstly a brief background is given to global warming and climate change. Then the following question is asked : Why…

Making Governance Work for Water–Energy–Food Nexus Approaches

The concept of the water–energy–food (WEF) nexus has become widely used to help understand interdependencies among the three systems, and how they can be managed sustainably to meet growing demand. The WEF nexus has especially been advocated to ad…

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