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People-Centred Environmental Management and Municipal Commonage in the Nama Karoo

"The effective management of municipal commonage can contribute to land reform, food security, local economic development and sustainable natural resource use. Commonage land is, in many towns, the only natural resource available to poor communities…

People-centred Environmental Management and Municipal Commonage in the Nama Karoo

"Land reform is a key part of government policy, spurred politically by the claims of the landless, as well as the land reform pressures in countries like Zimbabwe. It is clear to national and provincial governments that land reform should be spe…

Climate Change and Pastoralism: Traditional Coping Mechanisms and Conflict in the Horn of Africa

"This book is not only attempting to understand and document the problem, and analyze the interventions but also to understand the traditional coping mechanisms of pastoral communities and evaluate whether external interventions streamline those m…

The Development Trap: Militarization, Environmental Degradation and Poverty and Prospects of Military Conversion

"The main aim of this study is to analyze the direct effects of militarization, environmental stress, and poverty on socio-economic development. The novelty of the study stems from its attempt to explore the interlinkages and feedbacks of the three …

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