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Natural Resource Governance in Africa No.2 Land Use

This infographic is part of a series on natural resource governance in Africa. The data in this edition no.2 is on land use. This visual representation, depicts statistical data about food security and several aspects connected to that. It commenc…

Sudan North in the Shadow of the South

This report summarises the four seminars in the series entitled “Sudan: North in the shadow of the South”. The first seminar in our series put the focus on environmental factors and the conflicts in Sudan. Pastoral migration, access to water and har…

The Impact of Oil Exploitation on Wellbeing in Chad

This study assesses the impact of oil revenues on wellbeing in Chad using data from the two last Chad Household Consumption and Informal Sector Surveys (ECOSIT 2 & 3), conducted in 2003 and 2011, respectively, by the National Institute of Statisti…

Multi-temporal Threshold Algorithm in Forest Fire Detection Using MSG Satellite: The Case of Zimbabwe

"Forest fires have the potential to increase the amount of carbon in the atmosphere which is one of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. Climate change may also lead to increased outbreak of forest fires due to increased dryness cond…

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